Adoption Services

The scope of our adoption services include: counseling and adoption planning for birth mothers; domestic, independent, international, and embryo adoption home studies for adoptive families; post placement follow-up services; parent education; and programs to help adoptive families learn more about the cultural background their children is coming from.

Counseling to Birth Parents

Our client-centered counseling to birth parents is vital in their exploration of the adoption alternative. We help guide the biological parents through their options and through the process of matching the child with a family that has completed the adoption home study and are looking to adopt.

Domestic Adoption

We provide adoption home studies and post-adoption follows up for clients of any licensed agencies. We assist with child placement for domestic, independent, and international adoptions, and we help families get on a waiting list for adoptions, both through our organization and through other licensed adoption agencies.

International Adoption

We work with child placement agencies around the world by matching children with families who are interested in adopting from another country, providing the necessary adoption home study to the agency, and providing the follow up post-adoption service after the child is placed with the family.

Embryo Adoption

We partner with the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) in Knoxville, TN, to provide specialized medical consultation and services, from the matching an embryo to an adoptive family, to the actual transfer of the donated embryos to the adoptive mother. We provide the required adoption home study to complete the adoption, as well as post adoption follow up services. Learn more...

Parent Education

We provide parent education, using the “With Eyes Wide Open” program, supplemented by other relevant educational materials, to prepare families starting the adoption process and to aid with the transition of adding of the adopted child to their families.

Cultural Enhancement Programs

We organize relevant cultural enhancement programs including translation, language classes, and hosting international students to help families who want to learn more and connect with the culture of origin of their adopted child.

Additional Adoption Resources