About Us


At Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources Inc., we are on a mission to build relationships.

We offer services to create connection between people from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and national origins. And we strive to help build the most important connection a person can have, that is, their relationship with God, the Creator of us all.

As our name states, we are passionate about serving the global community. Some of the ways we realize this vision is by bringing together diverse people to care for the planet we all share; by helping to form families through adoption; by providing counseling for various life stages and issues; and by providing resources to students who are abroad.


We are dedicated to making our services professional, sensitive, expedient, and affordable.

Adoption services build families by giving children a home and giving couples the joy of parenthood. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Domestic, international, and embryo adoption

  • Adoption home studies

  • Post-adoption follow-up

Counseling services help individuals and families to handle their needs and stress in every stage of life. We offer assessment and counseling for issues such as:

  • Unwanted pregnancy

  • Child behavioral problems and parenting issues

  • Marital and blended family issues

  • Work/career/EAP issues

  • Mental health and physical health issues

  • Aging and retirement issues

Cultural resources help form connections and ease the transition between different cultures. Some of the resources we provide include:

  • Inbound and outbound cultural exchanges

  • Local and international Green Heart projects

  • Language teaching and interpretation services

  • Culture-related consultation


We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity, approved by the IRS, with the EIN number 20-33935158. We are a good-standing private adoption agency, licensed in Kentucky, by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, with the license No. 500516.

In 2004, we were established as a counseling agency serving the needs of individuals and families from diverse backgrounds.

In 2005, our agency became licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to be a child-placing agency specializing in adoption placement.

The following year, we were established with IRS approval to be a non-profit agency with 501(C)(3) status, to provide services in adoption placement, counseling, and cultural resources.

In 2009, we updated our name to Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources Inc., to encompass all of the services we provide.