Cultural Exchange

We have contracted with cultural exchange programs to arrange international high school students with home stay experiences with local American families while enrolling them in American high schools.

We facilitate cultural exchanges with supervision and support services for the student, the host family, and the school through the school year.

At the same time, outbound cultural exchange arrangements for American adults and teenagers interested in going abroad to discover the world are offered.

It is hoped that ongoing cultural exchanges at home, in schools, in communities here in the US and across the globe will help promote understanding between cultures and nations and prevent conflict and war while sowing seeds for world peace.

Besides promoting cross-cultural understanding, hosting an international student can be a great way to experience the culture of a country where a family is considering adoption or have adopted. Hosting an international high school student for a semester or a school year can benefit everyone.

It can be a unique way to experience a taste of having a child not born biologically to the family live as a member of the family. It gives a little idea of what it is like to adopt a child who will be a permanent family member.

Hosting a student can be a solution to different counseling situation, e.g. a widowed person or an empty nest family filling in the vacuum by enjoying the company of a young, lively student for the semester.

A family with no boys can enjoy having a boy by hosting a male student. Vice versa, a family with no girls can enjoy having a “daughter” for the year by hosting a female student. A person needing to go abroad to a certain country to work can become familiar with the culture and language of the country by hosting a student from that country. They can speak the language that this person hopes to learn, etc.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these services.