Cultural Resources

With inbound cultural exchange, we have connected students from different countries to be exposed to American culture, through placement in American families, schools and communities, to become interesting cultural resources for learning and exchanges, for international students and American families, schools, and communities.

With outbound exchange programs, American students studying abroad have made possible cultural resources for learning and exchange for them and families, schools and communities. Learn more...

These projects bring people from different cultural backgrounds together working to make the environment they share greener and better. Moreover, the processes of working together has become rich cultural resources for these people from diverse cultural background, in building cross-cultural understanding and relationships, promoting harmony among cultural groups, while cultivating healthy citizenship in them for the communities they live and share. Learn more...

Interpretation Services

Through interpretation services, we enhance communication of people knowing mainly their national/ethnic languages with English-speaking personnel in school, business, medical settings, court, etc. While we can directly provide English-Chinese interpretation service, we partner with the BIT and Access Language Solutions, Inc to provide interpretation between English and other languages.

Language Teaching Services

Through language teaching services, we equip people who speak different languages to learn English as a Second Language so that they can communicate in predominantly English-speaking communities in the United States. We partner with the ESL programs of the Friendship International, Porter Memorial Baptist, Immanuel Baptist, Lexington Chinese Christian Churches.

We also offer Chinese classes to American families wanting to host or adopt Chinese-speaking youth.

Internationally, we have taught Cantonese to the Filipino staff working in centers for the mentally challenged in Hong Kong to help them better serve their clients.

Bilingual Lawyers

In partnership with the Kentucky Bar Association, we have developed a resource list of lawyers speaking different languages, as a resource for clients knowing mainly their own ethnic/national languages. This has been very helpful and relevant service for clients, well versed in their ethnic languages but with limited English ability, needing legal help in adoption, in setting up business, etc.

We are creating two endowment funds. One fund is to develop grants to promote cross-cultural understanding, and the other is to train and equip missionaries and pastors to Chinese people around the world. Learn more...