Endowment Funds

Non-Profit Endowment Fund/Grant Promoting Cross-Cultural/Ethnic/National Understanding

This endowment fund was set up on December 30, 2019, with our nominal donation of $10,000 seed money, as a non-profit organization endowment account (Charitable Fund # 1015) at the Bluegrass Community Foundation. Grants are distributed from gains from the principal amount, and they are awarded annually to promote an understanding across cultures, ethnicities, and nations.

The fund was set up to encourage the community to invest in the building of relationships between different cultures through increasing the principal amount. We want to expand and develop new programs for generations to come, deepening understanding and increasing harmony between people of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and nations with God and among themselves.

Endowment Scholarship for Pastoral/Missionary Training for Reaching Chinese Worldwide

This endowment fund has been set up with our nominal donation of $10,000 seed money to equip and train pastors and missionaries who have committed to full-time ministry in the Methodist Church, Hong Kong. The vision is to use the Methodist Church as a base and training ground to share the Gospel to the Chinese in Hong Kong and the unreached around the world, as guided by the Holy Spirit.

This fund is housed at the Methodist Church, Hong Kong. It will alleviate the financial burden of those called to reach the lost while they undergo training.

If you would like to learn more or donate to either of these funds, please contact us.