Adoption Process

The National Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) has laid out a clear overview of the steps involved in adopting a child, the details of which can be found on their website:

  • Educate yourself about adoption

  • Decide what type of adoption you want to pursue (domestic, international, etc.)

  • Submit adoption application

  • Investigate ways to cover adoption expenses

  • Select an adoption agency

  • Let your agency know you are serious about adopting

  • Attend adoption and parenting classes

  • Begin the family preparation process and assessment to complete the adoption home study

  • Begin searching for a child

  • Consider a child

  • Prepare for your child’s arrival

  • The child is placed in your home

  • File a petition to adopt

  • Finalize the adoption

Global Adoption, Counseling, Cultural Resources, Inc. is here to help families adopt unborn embryos and children born domestically and internationally. A general adoption home study will be prepared and tailored to the specific requirements of the child placement agency and the country or state from which the family decides to adopt the child. We also provide post-adoption follow-ups after the child is placed into the adoptive home.